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While reports are less personal and all-encompassing then a reading with me, where I can give timings, tie things together and explain what everything means - it is a great starting point to get the basics. Having your personal report at your fingertips will give you the ability to read it over, go back to it, and (if you’re like me) research further into the topics that peak your interest - which is SO much easier then starting from nothing and not really even knowing what to search into!

Birth Chart report $25.00

For a robust personalized birth chart report please input you birth info, click “create your chart", then follow the link to order your report.

What’s in your report?

  • Over 20 pages of detailed interpretations and unique diagrams of your planets and aspects.

  • This report explores the planetary energies influences in your chart and their relationships with one another.

  • Report is an easy to read PDF delivered to your email.

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