Curious about Astrology beyond the uber vague sun sign horoscopes you've read in teen magazines your whole life? Your sun sign is such a small part of what makes up your chart. With your time and place of birth, I can tell you things like - why you are the way you are, your strengths, how you handle things (at work, in love, with friends), the best timing for things, what type of work you should be in, what type of partner is ideal for you… alllllll the things! I will give you advice and clarity into anything that comes up.

Please note: Readings are done on weekday evenings or weekends. I do not do walk-ins or day-of readings. Please email to schedule an appointment. Please have time/place/date of birth.

Group Readings

Hosting a dinner party, a gal’s night, or just want to have something unique to do with your friends/family/colleagues? I can customize an experience that will be personal to each individual while also being super fun and laid back for the group as a whole. I can come to you!

Group readings kick off with a group session where I outline what everything in your charts mean (planets, houses, signs) followed by Birth Chart Quickies - aka, mini readings for each person. I then wrap the evening with going over big astrological events coming up and where each of you can expect it to impact your lives (think eclipses, retrogrades, transits) and plan to be chill AF compared the rest of the world by being prepared. All guests go home with a printout of their personal chart.

Group size sweet spot : 4-6people

Time : 2.5 - 4 hrs

Cost per person : $55.00

Full Chart Reading

Want to take a much more in-depth look into your chart? Have specific questions you need insight about or areas of life you'd like to focus on? I will spend a few hours deep diving into your chart prior to meeting with you for a more tailored and detail packed reading. We will also go over upcoming transits and how they will impact your chart - great for planning the timing of launch dates, moves, etc.

**Remote / FaceTime readings available for those not located in Chicago

90 min consultation - $115.00 (If we've already had a fling, a “Birth Chart Quickie” at a Group Reading, then the Full Reading will only be $85.00.)

Compatibility Reading 

By overlapping two charts I can tell you how you and your partner love, fight, support each other as well as highlight each other's triggers, emotional side, strengths, etc -- none of us are perfect so be prepared to face your short comings! (Hung up on an ex? Let's take a look at the compatibility to help you move on.)

90 min consultation - $145.00

(Equivalent to 2 Full Chart Readings -- must know place and time of birth for both people)



Want to do a workshop with me or have me at one of your events? Let's chat and come up with something!                                     

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Add your Numerology Personal Year reading for $20 to any offering. This will include each personal month that falls under the personal year.

Add your Human Design chart for $35 to any offering. Your chart will include descriptions of your Design Type, Authority & Profile.

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