Workshops, corporate Events & Retreats

Want to do a workshop with me or have me at one of your events? Let's chat and come up with something! I can tailor it to you and your needs.                                    

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Astro-curious Workshop

I walk everyone through what the signs / planets / houses are and then we discuss how to layer everything. My goal is that everyone can leave being able to understand their own placements and how to find things in their charts when they get home. We also go over how to follow the moon cycles and upcoming transits.


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Corporate events

Throwing an event or treating clients to a special evening? Add something unique for them to experience to spice things up from the same old routine!

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we wanted to bring a variety of different types of activities. I knew that I wanted to share the mindfulness practices I’ve been loving lately, which includes Cindy (@revealingsoul) and Lauren (@themodernastrologer). The two of them together significantly impacted the self-reflection I’ve learned this year. Cindy performs aura readings and channelings thanks to her gifts as a spiritual medium. Lauren is known for her mastery of astrological birth charts and human design. Thanks to the two of them, I learned why I am the way I am, how to play to my strengths, and how to find peace with life / what’s next for me. I was SO excited to witness others learn the same because it truly brings such a lightness and free feeling to you. While it provides guidance, it also provides for a release. Everyone was able to take home their beautiful auras, birth charts and crystals home with them.”

- Morgan of

(Retreat hosted by Rachel (@rachelrecharged & Morgan @bun_undone)