Human Design is….

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HUman Design group reading

Hosting a dinner party, a gal’s night, or just want to have something unique to do with your friends/family/colleagues? I can come to you!

Group readings kick off with a group session where we’ll go over what Human Design is and the parts of a chart (Type / Authority /Profile / Centers) followed by 30min readings for each person. All guests go home with a printout of their personal chart.

Group size sweet spot : 4-6people

Time : 2.5 - 4 hrs

Cost per person : $55.00

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Human design Full chart readings

Want to take a much more in-depth look into your chart? Have specific questions you need insight about or areas of life you'd like to focus on? I will spend a few hours deep diving into your chart prior to meeting with you for a more tailored and detail packed reading. We will spend 90min going over your chart together

**Remote / FaceTime readings available for those not located in Chicago

90 min consultation - $115.00 (if you have gotten a group reading prior, your reading will only be $95)