What is Human design?

Human Design, in a nutshell, is a manual for our soul. It shows us who we are designed to be and provides us with the direction on how to work best with our unique energy. It combines Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, Jewish Kabbalah, Hindu Chakra system, Quantum Physics and Human Genetic Coding (saaaayy whaaaa?? – don’t worry, you don’t need to understand these to understand your chart).

Becoming familiar our Human Design chart (called a body graph) can help us get rid of self-defeating patterns and move through life easier, quicker and with more energy. It provides the insight to get in touch with what is inherently us and our strengths versus what we have been conditioned to be.

A lot of what we are conditioned to do is to perfect the things we are not so great at in order to raise up to a certain standard. When we focus on being better at the things that aren’t naturally “us”, we are then taken out of the flow that the universe is wanting us to master. Here’s the secret – life should be enjoyable. If we live in our Strategy (the part of our chart that shows our personal way to make effective decisions) and follow only what lights us up - we can find that joy everyday!

Please note: Readings are done on weekday evenings or weekends. I do not do walk-ins or day-of readings. Please email to schedule an appointment. Please have time/place/date of birth.



Human design recorded readings sent to your inbox

Want to get a reading sooner? (wait times for in-person & remote FaceTime readings have a wait time of 5+ weeks). Instead of scheduling a time to meet with me, I will personally record and send you your reading within 14 days of receiving your info - making this the quickest option by weeks.

Length of recording: 60 min

Cost : $125.00

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HUman Design group reading - I come to you

Hosting a dinner party, a gal’s night, or just want to have something unique to do with your friends/family/colleagues? I come to you!

Group readings kick off with a group session where we’ll go over what Human Design is and the parts of a chart (Type / Authority /Profile / Centers) followed by 30min readings for each person. All guests go home with a printout of their personal chart.

Group size sweet spot : 4-6people

Time : 2.5 - 4 hrs

Cost per person : $75.00


1:1 Human design Full chart readings - in-person or facetime

Want to take a much more in-depth look into your chart? Have specific questions you need insight about or areas of life you'd like to focus on? I will spend a few hours deep diving into your chart prior to meeting with you for a more tailored and detail packed reading. We will spend 90min going over your chart together

**Remote / FaceTime readings available for those not located in Chicago

Time : 90 min consultation

Cost : $150.00 (if you have gotten a group reading prior, your reading will only be $95)