Hi! I'm Lauren, the Modern Astrologer.

I've arguably had too many interests throughout the course of my life (hello, Gemini Moon). If I get intrigued by something I take a class in it, I dabble in it, (perfect it or completely suck at it), and then find something new to obsess over. But for the first time ever in my life I have found something that has stuck and that seems completely right...despite some people thinking it's completely ridiculous. I'd argue that if you find passion in something that causes you to loose people over, based on their opinions,not your character, and you still have passion for it... you're on to something.

I remember back in 2014 when I was working with a life coach, talking about wanting to find my niche and wanting to pick a lane so to speak. When people met me I wanted them to be like " Oh, that's Lauren, she's (fill in the blank)". Because if I didn't know who the hell I was, I at least wanted other people to know who I was. Makes super sense, right? At the time I felt ambiguous and like I didn't fully fit in anywhere. My whole life I have always related to and gotten along with a wide range of people and while getting along with everyone is a great skill, it had me feeling almost phony in a way because I didn't see myself fully in any of them. Then my life coach said something (that didn't resonate until later) "Why can't you be all of these things? Maybe that is your thing?". So here I am:

The Makeup of LOC

The truth is I love all sides of the fence. I am a basic bitch, a creative and a mystic -- and depending on who I'm surrounded by in the moment I become more of that side. I realized it isn't phony it's the ability to get along with and relate to multiple kinds of people. I just needed to throw out the insecurity of giving a shit about people's perceptions of me.

So, whether you identify more with one box or you're like me who fits into several and says "Fuck this box I'm a motha fucking wild flower that spreads everywhere."...then we will get along either way.

My greatest hope is that the content on my site and social platforms has a relatable voice that is able to speak to all of these "boxes" and more.