How I learned Astrology & am learning Human Design

I often get asked how I got into Astrology & how I went about learning it. Now that I’m learning (obsessed with) Human Design, I can try to explain.

How I am teaching myself Human Design is how I taught myself Astrology - I like to compare it to leaning an instrument. Anyone can learn how to do it. But heck y’all, when I tried to learn guitar, it didn’t come naturally to me, it was frustrating, and the amount of time and effort it would have taken to learn - I just didn’t have the desire, patience and passion to do so. So with things like Astrology, Human Design, fill in the blank, it needs to be a combo of natural ability, intuition, desire to learn, obsession/passion, & dedication to finding time to do so. But hint, hint, when you have the others, finding time is easy bc you enjoy it so much!

Many people also ask what sources I used to learn. With the way that my mind learns, unfortunately I don’t have a direct answer or a list of books I read - I just followed my curiosity down the rabbit hole in a non-linear way. I started with Vedic Astrology, which I still incorporate, before moving over to Western Astrology. (Funny how my grandmother did Western Astrology and it eventually became much more “me” then Vedic). I would post myself up in coffee shops on nights and weekends watching/pausing/ taking notes to YouTubes and studying charts of people I knew to lock in the knowledge. I learn new skills to this day, almost 4 years later, and am just as obsessed with learning as I was when I began. Which has never happened with any other hobby that I’ve picked up (as a Manifesting Generator and a Gemini Moon - I pick up A LOT of hobbies BUT that’s part of my design and I am supposed to do that!). I guess that’s when you know it’s meant to be.

Yes, there are expensive courses out there for both Astrology and Human Design (and this structure may be perfect for the way you need to learn) but I learn simply by being curious about a random part and diving deep into that, rather then a streamlined learn this, then that, type of way. Although likely a longer process, I get to understand it in my own way and relay it to clients in my own voice which in return, I hope, makes it more relatable and digestible. Hence the “modern” in my name. That, and I have so many god damn retro planets in my chart, I have to learn in a less practical way .

Although I am no expert, you guys can now add a Human Design mini reading to any of my offerings for $20 if you want to know more! Or check out @jennazoe who is an expert and who is my inspiration! I’m thinking about adding a page on my website that has all the healers/teachers/locations/products/podcasts that I am obsessed with & recommend- would y’all want that?

Later taters,