Technically, I have no idea how to write poetry - but that’s not stopping me. My Moon & Mercury are in “mutual reception” in my chart so I love words and how they bring the feels. Most of my poems are inspired by other people’s charts or unique planetary combinations that I study. Sooooome are about personal romance but let’s just say that there isn’t much recent context to pull from in that department so I tend to find inspiration in others. Someone’s astrology chart is so beautiful and intimate - how they love, their insecurities, their strengths, what lights them up… it’s a poem waiting to be unlocked.

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She's like a wildflower, she's everywhere, a wonderer. Just waiting to be picked, peiced together and taken home


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Let’s play a game
Lift me up when I let you down
I’ll push you away
Just to see if you’ll come back around

Climb up my ups
Slide down my downs
I’ve let you see me
Better be ready now

I’ll pick a fight
Just to feel you inside me
Teach me what my body wants
Philosophize with me

Dare you to show me your secrets
I’ll show you mine
Let’s explore the deep, dark side, darling
It’s there where our love will shine
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Tonight exposed wounds from years and years
That I never had to face
Our love was so damn juvenile
Why is this taking up so much space?

...Inside my mature heart
That is now so incapable
Of being loved like you loved me
God damn... it was beautiful

I’m crying out loud as I drive myself home
Not bc I love you
Or wish that you loved me
I cry bc I realize my heart
Has never been as free
Then it was
within your love
No one since
has known the depth of me

Although I do not love you now
And haven’t in years
I still look back and can fall to pieces
Yet I smile through the tears

You have my past heart
It was naive yet pure
Is it capable to be loved so fully now?
That’s what’s so unsure
be my mirror
help me see
the half of me I’ve yet to be

be my arm
help me reach
inside my soul, where I’ll find me

I’ll be your muse
create for me

I’ll pull you in
develop me

all I know is that I want to lead
but I can’t lead you
until I know me

help me imagine, logically
what it takes to see
just how much I can mean to me
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You’re a ball of fire
Drowning in the depths of my water
Stone cold

I ascend your harsh drive
Internal rifs within you

The will to succeed permeates in you
But success isn’t conventional my dear
Tap into my depths and you’ll see

Turn your drive inward
Succeed in compassion
There you will find the true essence of success

Take action
But make it slow and steady
Aggress me
Let me draw you in

We go
Into each other’s souls
Where passion meets patience

Hold back
Hold me
There’s a war within us both
Who will surrender first?